Free Walking Tour Oaxaca

Welcome to our main attraction!

The the perfect way to make new international friends and travel companions and at the same time get to know the city better is the free walking tour in Oaxaca. Our aim is to make your experience the most likeable possible in our city, our job is to introduce you to the city  with our history, traditions, and local folklore that you can only experience by walking, and of course make new friends in the process!

Wondering in it magical streets we will take you in a tour of wonders where the mixture of black clay, wool, leather and mezcal gives the true colours, smells and vibes of Mexico.

Our goal is to make you enjoy your trip to the maximum in one of the oldest and most interesting towns of Mexico. We will visit it alleys, its churches and we will give you an insight of all the activities you can do in Oaxaca.

Our guides will always try the best to put a smile on your face and at the same time teach you about this wonderful city in Mexico!

We meet right in front of the Oaxaca Cathedral (our Lady of Assumption) right  in the city center, look for the pink umbrella!

You can’t get lost, every staff member of your hotel or person on the street knows the place.

Look for the pink hat, bag or umbrella!

So if you feel like joining us please write us an email to or go to the booking page in the top menu or simply by clicking HERE.

Please note that if you travel with 6 people or more some special arrangements might be needed for you.

Everybody is welcome!

Price: FREE (tips are welcome)
Duration: 2 hours (aprox.)
When: Every Day at 10am
Where: Oaxaca Cathedral (Our lady of Assumption) City center  

If you see a tour in our calendar you are free to show up for it!
How ever we do appreciate if you book with us in order to give you more information about our tours and to provide a better service for you.

Also please be kind to  read the description of every tour so you could be aware if there are any changes in the itinerary.

Thank you!

Free Tour Oaxaca