Temazcal (Prehispanic Sauna-Spa)

If you are looking for a relaxing time during your adventurous holidays look no further, this experience is appropriate for all ages, families, couples and solo travellers.
The experience begins in a stem house full with aromatic herbs to make the air you breath even more enjoyable, there you will get a limpia (a soft massage with herbs and branches) designed to make you forget all of your problems at least for a while.
After your time in the sauna when you are more relaxed you will get a full body massage from one of our experts starting from your chest, legs, feet, back and head. The you will have a little quiet time for a needed nap and to finish a nice hot cup of tea. To book just click HERE.

Price 1 person: 65 USD (sauna)
Price 1 person: 110 USD (sauna-massage)
Price 2 people: 120 USD (sauna)
Price 2 people: 200 USD (sauna-massage)
Price 3 people: 165 USD (sauna)
Price 3 people: 270 USD (sauna-massage)
Price 4 people: 220 USD (sauna)
Price 4 people: 300 USD (sauna-massage)

Duration: 1 hour sauna + 1 hour massage + 25 min round trip (aprox.)
When: Every day from 10 am to 7 pm (with booking)
Where: Hotel pickup and drop off. We take you to the Temazcal (not located in the city center but prices include transportation).


If you see a tour in our calendar you are free to show up for it!
How ever we do appreciate if you book with us in order to give you more information about our tours and to provide service for you.

Also please be kind to  read the description of every tour so you could be aware if there are any changes in the itinerary.

Thank you!

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